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  FmView 2.0
FmView is an add-on, that tracks the selection in the Explorer or File Manager and displays the contents of the currently selected file. It opens on a single mouse click and automatically determines the file format. More than 80 file formats viewable, including MOST graphics (BMP, JPEG), archive (ZIP, ARJ), document (DOC, WRI) and spreadsheet (XLS, WK4) formats. Text files can be edited. Incremental search to easily find text, even in multiple files.
32 bit version designed for Windows XP/2000/NT4/ME/98/95.
16 bit version for Windows 3.1x available.
Download Click here to download or learn more about FmView!



  FmLfns 1.1
FmLfns (File Manager Long File Name Support for Windows ME/98/95) brings back the good old File Manager to Windows ME/98/95. It upgrades the File Manager so that it displays and completely handles long file names. (for example "proga~1" becomes "Program Files").
FmLfns requires Windows ME/98/95.
Download Click here to download or to learn more about FmLfns!



  FmExtMan 1.2
FmExtMan is a File Manager add-on. It allows you to add more than the 4 add-on DLLs that File Manager limits you to. All top level menus can be put into one menu as submenus, so your File Manager menu is not clogged up. FmExtMan has a dialog that let's you change, reorder, install & deinstall File Manager extensions. You can quickly park and reinstate add-ons and toggle whether they show up in the menu bar or a submenu. The toolbar is supported.
FmExtMan requires Windows ME/98/95.
Download Click here to download (35KB self-extracting archive - FMXMAN.EXE)


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